Element Games Reviews – Do you want to buy your Games Workshop Warhammer or not ?

Warhammer miniatures are an expensive passion and it can be complicated to build an army at a fair price with new products. However, there are English sites that offer Games Workshop miniatures at discount prices! Element Games is one of them and we suggest you to discover it.

Element Games Reviews: How to buy well on ElementGames?

As announced in the introduction, Element Games is a website that allows you to buy Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Age of Sigmar action figures at a lower price than what Games Workshop shops offer.

Let’s take a Shadowspear starter kit from Warhammer 40,000 as an example: at the time of writing, the kit is offered at €135 on Games Workshop’s official website, while it can be found at the base price of £105 (€121.91) on Element Games.

The discount is minimal, but on this slight price difference, Element Games offers an extra 20% for a final price of £84 (€97.52)! So, if you go through this English website, you’ll get a 37,48 € discount compared to the price in France.

Are Element Games products of good quality?

Element Games only sells official, licensed products (Games Workshop, etc…). You are therefore assured not to find poor quality products, or even worse, counterfeit by ordering your figurines on the site.

Information on shipping costs on Element Games

For delivery throughout Europe and therefore in France, Element Games offers shipping costs on a basis of £2.95 (€3.42) per order.

The weight of the parcel then varies this base with £0.20 (€0.23) which is added per 100g. However, the charges can only go up to a maximum of £6.95 (€8.07). For these rates we are on a standard delivery, but you can also opt for an option with delivery tracking.

In the case of delivery with tracking, you will have to add £6 (€6.97) extra, £3 (€3.48) if your total basket is over £113 (€131.19), without shipping costs.

Element Games delivery time information

With products in stock, Element Games ships your order the same day (working day) if you place your order before 3pm. Otherwise it will be shipped the next day.

Orders are shipped via Royal Mail Airmail, before being forwarded by the French postal services. It takes a short week for delivery (between 2 and 5 working days) to reach your home.

If you order products that are no longer in stock, the delay will inevitably be longer with time for the shop to replenish its stocks. In this case, an average delay of 2 to 3 weeks will be expected for home delivery from the time of the order.

Customs and Element Games: How does it work?

By ordering your Warhammer miniatures at Element Games you risk nothing regarding customs. The products are sent from England (in Manchester) and there is no customs duty for importing goods between the UK and France.

In practice, you do not have to pay French duties or taxes on products imported from the UK. This is called intra-community acquisitions, set up here between countries that are part of the European Union.

During the transition period with Brexit, we do not yet know what will happen to the customs duty between the UK and Europe and whether a free trade agreement will be negotiated. What is true to date may therefore be out of date in a few years’ time.

No. However, a nuance is to be made in the French case with the French overseas departments and territories which are not part of the European Union for customs purposes. You therefore risk customs charges if you live there.

The after-sales service Element Games is it good?

In the event of a problem with an order, the after-sales service can be reached by phone, e-mail, live chat, Skype or on the site’s forums. We therefore welcome these many possibilities to adapt to each buyer!

Element Games return and refund policy offers a free exchange of defective or damaged products or a full refund up to 14 days after delivery date.

For exchanges, Element Games will ask you for proofs (photos) to avoid any drift. Attention however if the item is not defective, the shipping costs for the return will be your responsibility.

Concerning refunds, they are credited directly to the payment method of your order within 5 working days. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

How secure are payments on elementgames.co.uk?

In order to pay for your miniatures on Element Games, you have the choice to use the most common bank cards (Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro) or Paypal.

While Paypal remains the most secure way to pay on the internet, the site has the necessary encryption to secure credit card payments and uses 3D Secure to send you back to your bank’s site to identify and authorise the transaction.

In addition, Element Games specifies that no matter how you decide to pay, your banking information does not pass through their web servers and is therefore not stored. Payments are therefore secure on elementgames.co.uk.

Learn more about Element Games

Element Games is a table game shop, a Gaming Center which regularly organizes game nights in Manchester and since 2012, a website which exports Games Workshop figurines all over the world at the best price!

The company specializes in table games by offering wargame, card games, role playing games and board games. You will find the most popular licenses with Warhammer, Magic The Gathering or Dungeon & Dragon!

Is Element Games the only discount site for its miniatures? Which one to choose?

Element Games is not the only English-speaking site where you can find your Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigma miniatures at discount prices. In the field we can for example mention Wayland Games, Triple Helix Wargames or Dark Sphere.

The choice of one of them will essentially depend on the figurines you are looking for and the prices offered. But in order to guide you a minimum, our preference is still with Wayland Games and Element Games which have largely proved their worth.

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