Bitz Warhammer Proxies

To convert and make your miniature and army unique, Games Workshop’s range of bitz Warhammer can reach its limits as the imagination of a modeler is too overflowing. Other brands may offer alternative miniatures or alternative bitz kits.

Some compromises have to be made to suit your army’s fluff if you choose exotic parts but in 90% of cases the alternative bitz fit perfectly with Games Workshop miniatures.

There are three types of proxies that may suit the Warhammer Battle or Warhammer 40k universe and thus your need for conversion, including the list of alternative miniatures sales sites.

Warhammer Alternative Bitz where to find them?

Many brands have specialized in making alternative bitz that fit perfectly with Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k or Forgworld miniatures.

List of manufacturers and resellers of alternative Warhammer miniatures

The advantage is that these bitz are designed by enthusiasts. They are made exactly for miniatures and often correspond to themes missing from Games Workshop official bitz. This type of proxy is therefore complementary and ideal to use to convert your miniatures and make your army unique.

The Forgeworld bitz

Commande ForgeWorld They are directly from kits offered by Forgeworld, as bitz packs or kits sold in specialized shops. Their advantage is that they are perfectly suited to Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k miniatures in the same proportions as the official bitz. Many tournaments also accept the use of ForgeWorld miniatures in addition to Games Workshop miniatures.

Other miniature games

Some Warhammer-like miniatures produced by other brands can be used as spare parts to convert your Warhammer miniatures or vehicles.

Science fiction universes will be close to the Warhammer 40k range while medieval universes will be closer to the Warhammer Battle range.

The important point to check when coupling proxy figures to official figures is to check the scale. Indeed, the scale of Warhammer miniatures is 1:28. Always check if the proxy is at the right scale and if it respects the body proportions of the official miniatures (some miniatures are not always as well sculpted as Games Workshop miniatures, take a careful look when you choose).

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