Organizing the Warhammer Bitz Box

Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Battle are an expensive hobby with more and more plastic kits. To build your army, you need many units for different functions and often several of them. And like all of us, your bitz box just grows with the amount of unused Warhammer bitz.

Many miniatures throw away their surplus bitz thinking they will never need it again. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t do that anymore! Your Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Battle bitz are a goldmine for your creativity, but you still need to put them away properly to quickly find the part you need to improve your miniature or decorate a base. There are many ways to store your bitz of all kinds.

Types of storage for your bitz

bitz box Bulk storage is not recommended; this seems a good way to store your bitz as it doesn’t take up much space but when you look for a special bitz, it will be difficult to find it and it will remain at the bottom of a box without ever seeing the light.

A good system for storing bitz is the drawer shelf: the advantage is that each drawer is divisible into several parts, giving you the possibility to classify bitz into categories and sub-categories. For example, a drawer of Space Marines arms, then divided into three parts: pair of arms, left arm and right arm. The downside of this arrangement is that if your bitz box is well filled, these small shelves can quickly take up space in your hobby room. But it is still the best solution to store your bitz stock.

The last storage system of your bitz box is the compartmentalized cases. They are a very good storage system with all the features of a bitz box. Small compartments, lots of small compartments and therefore little space. But with an extra practical side to carry your bitz box everywhere with you. With this kind of storage, it’s easy to carry your bitz box with you when you go painting in your favourite shop or with friends.

Bitz box malette

Many storage systems exist; all with their advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it’s recommended to mix and match storage methods to be mobile. But the key to having a good performing bitz box is to store and classify each type of bitz by head, legs, torso, left arm, right arm, pair of arms, backpacks, accessories, close combat weapons, remote weapons etc..

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