The Dark Imperium basic box: A way to save money to start Warhammer 40k

Are you looking for an affordable and suitable game box to get you off to a good start in the Warhammer universe? Dark Imperial is the one for you!

With its complete, detailed and easy to assemble miniatures, it contains the essentials to quickly immerse yourself in the world of the 41st millennium. That’s why below we tell you more about this Dark Imperial basic box.

What do you find in the Dark Imperial Box?

The ultimate Warhammer 40k box, called Dark Imperial, includes all the necessary arsenal for a great game, from the game accessories (dice, ruler, bases, etc.) to the 3 rule books, including the 53 miniatures that are just waiting for you.

The miniatures are organized in 2 armies: the Death Guard army with 31 soldiers, and the Primaris Space Marines army with 22 fighters, even more fierce than their predecessors, the Classic Space Marines.

Among the included books, you have 2 of 24 pages each, dedicated to the rules and history specific to each army. The last 280-page hardcover book covers basic and advanced rules, game modes, and the full history of the Warhammer 40k games.

What is the value of each item purchased separately?

Through Bitz Warhammer 40k bitz shops you can save money with Dark Imperium, you can buy each item in the box separately, and don’t worry, it’s as good as new as the original box. This allows miniature enthusiasts to enrich their collection and expand their army.

But also you can buy a miniature and test its combat skills by confronting it with other miniatures from your collection in your bloody battles in the Warhammer universe.

Why is it an ideal box when you’re just starting out?

You will certainly understand: the Warhammer universe is very vast and varied, with various game boxes. For your first steps in this playful and inventive universe, it is recommended to start with the Dark Imperial box, because, compared to other game boxes, it is very economical, and offers the best quality/price ratio for the miniatures it contains.

In Dark imperial, all the miniatures are designed to retail ready. This makes it easy to learn how to paint the miniatures, which are also available individually. Indeed, you can buy only those that interest you, and once again, save money while enjoying the game.

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